In this online course, you'll learn a comprehensive approach to confidently use Homeopathy at home for all types of ailments. 

We cover the basics of Homeopathic Philosophy and its history, and then move on to mastering how to assess a patient and select a remedy. 

The course consists of four 60-90 minute

pre-recorded modules, PLUS digital downloads of remedy information. You will have access to the course for 6 months.

Course created/facilitated by Jennie Hoglund -

Certified Classical Homeopath, graduate of the Homeopathy Training Program at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy

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Do you ever feel like maybe the conventional medical system just isn’t for you and your family?


Does the symptom-chasing, suppressive approach leave a bad taste in your mouth?


Don’t want to use Acetaminophen/antibiotics as a matter of course, but not sure of alternatives?


That was me 14 years ago. I knew I wanted to have a home birth after one experience at the OB. The fear-based, patriarchal approach was DEFINITELY not for me. So I took matters into my own hands, hired a midwife, and did it my way. It was amazing, and I felt SO empowered. 


I knew there had to be a better way to keep my family healthy and supported through illness than fever suppressants and endless antibiotic prescriptions. I was learning about Homeopathy at the time, because I was seeing a professional Homeopath for chronic issues - hypothyroidism, postpartum depression, and fatigue, and I was feeling a lot better.


After my son was born, I purchased my first at-home remedy kit and dove in, never looking back. I have used Homeopathy to support my kids through ALL KINDS of illnesses, from fevers and tummy bugs to croup and chicken pox. It has never failed us.


Fast-forward a decade or so, and I am now a Certified Classical Homeopath, with ten years of experience under my belt helping people using Homeopathy. It is my absolute PASSION to empower families to use Homeopathy at home for acute illness and injury.

And so I created this course, Coming Home to Homeopathy™. Because when you find Homeopathy, it does indeed feel like coming home.

This course will prepare you in a comprehensive way to be able to use Homeopathy at home for all types of ailments. 


Much more than just a list of remedies and their uses, in this course, you will learn the most important aspect of using Homeopathy - how to assess the patient and select a remedy during an acute illness.


We will also cover Homeopathic philosophy, how it works, what it is, history of Homeopathy, and more. You will learn what it means to live a Homeopathic life, and how to truly see each person as a whole.


It is my honor and privilege to present this to you.


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and homeopathy.

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