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My mission is to

normalize well-being, abundance, and freedom for everyone.

Image of Jennie Hoglund
Image of Jennie Hoglund




Hi, I’m Jennie. I hold a vision for our world where wellness is the norm. A world where freedom, ease, and joy are abundant, and where humans have the capacity and skills to thrive, no matter what is happening in the world. 


I won’t heal you. I won’t fix you. Instead, I will lead you to your own inner resources so you can heal yourself.


The combination of homeopathy and mindset coaching that I utilize is a one-of-a-kind healing experience that can help you collapse time in your journey to wholeness.

I am so happy that you are here. Welcome to your turning point. 

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Consultations your way

Appointments are done online via HIPAA-compliant Zoom call to provide convenience, ease and flexibility. Relax and start healing from the comfort of your own home!

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Homeopathy is self care

We are taught from an early age that when it comes to health and disease, our bodies are ticking time bombs...

You're different. 

You've always been different. 

I'm different too. I've never gone along with the crowd or conventional medicine. I have also felt that there was a missing piece. That's why I created this free mini course, to help you learn how to ditch the anxiety, ditch the fear, ditch the stress around health and being a human in today's world. To help you move into a place of more ease and more empowerment over your life.


I hope you enjoy the Abundantly Well Free Mini Course!


You can access the mini course below:

Abundantly Well Course Image of Jennie and Sunflower
Abundantly Well

"I was referred to Jennie, and I am so thankful I made the appointment. I was seeking help for a very specific challenge, and the journey led me to healing that and so much more. In just a couple of months and three sessions, I feel 100% better and more focused and energized than I have felt in years. Finding Jennie and homeopathy has been a game changer and I highly recommend!"

Tami E.

"Jennie has become such a gift, a lifeline, to me and my family! The constitutional remedy she gave me has helped me take life in stride better, feel less overwhelmed & stressed, and has taken away my almost daily headaches."

Melissa M.



"I cannot recommend Jennie enough!! I wish I would have made an appointment with her sooner. I felt 100% better after taking the remedy she sent me. Jennie really took her time to help me understand what and why I was feeling what I was and I appreciated that she was able to be accessible via email after our appointment. She was also extremely flexible with my schedule, which is very helpful in these times where my kids are home full time."

Anika Z.

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