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Do you have big gifts to share with the world, but you're scared to put yourself out there? Do you deeply desire a thriving holistic business and the ability to speak about it with clarity, confidence, and passion? Do you dream about sharing your heart with the world?

I can help.

Join my May mastermind

Join me in May for this 4-week accelerated group mastermind!


I’ve designed it specifically for people with a BIG desire to impact and help the world, but who feel limited by feeling underconfident, scared, and unsure.


  • 3 live trainings (will be recorded) on email, sales, and IG

  • 5 live group coaching sessions

  • access to my entire library of business guide downloads and recorded classes

  • private FB group for community, connection, and accountability

  • VIP upgrade option to 1:1 sessions


  • how to shift inherited patterns that are keeping you stuck

  • how to access God’s guidance and your highest intuition for your business

  • how our businesses are actually mirrors for our deepest wounds (and how to integrate these wounds)

  • how to approach social media when you feel scared to put yourself out there

  • how to find your voice and uncover your confidence and unique gifts


  • you know you have so much to offer the world, but you feel scared and stuck

  • you desire an abundant, exciting business or holistic practice

  • you want to develop more confidence and freedom to speak

  • you want to align with the BEST version of yourself by doing the deep work to integrate patterns that aren’t serving you

  • you want to learn practical strategy to market yourself on social media and email that feels aligned and authentic



Visibility Mastermind: $999

VIP upgrade option: Additional $999 - Deep dive clarity 1:1 session with me and 2 weeks in Voxer chat! During this 45-minute Zoom call, we’ll zero in on EXACTLY what needs to shift for you to unlock your next level of visibility and abundance in your business. Then we’ll work together in Voxer for 2 weeks to bring it all to life!

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Pink stars
Pink stars

What clients are saying:

“I invested in multiple months of coaching with Jennie and I’m so happy I did! Her knowledge of the holistic health space and navigating a growing Instagram community alongside building a practice of clients is incredible."

"Since working with Jennie I scaled from 4-5K months to consistent 10-12k months between affiliate marketing and coaching which completely replaced my full time income as nurse. She encouraged me to be ME so that my community could connect with me on a deeper level."

"Working with Jennie has been one of the best investments for my business!"

"If you are on the fence at all about joining any of Jennie’s coaching programs, stop hesitating and do it! Jennie holds such amazing space as a coach & has a beautiful way of sharing what she’s learned over her years and how the energetics of things play out. Don’t sleep on working with her, she knows what she’s doing snd she knows how to tease the magic out of people. I still go back to practices I learned from her 2 years ago!"

The time to stop hiding is NOW. The world needs you, and it's MORE IMPORTANT for you to help the people who need you than it is to stay small. Let's do this!

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