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With an extensive medical background in Laboratory Science, Fertility, and Blood Banking, Jennie is well equipped to understand your illness and symptoms. Utilizing the system of Homeopathic Medicine allows Jennie to help clients find a deeper and longer lasting healing than is often possible with conventional medicine, because Homeopathy is able to address the root cause of illness and stimulate a healing response in the individual.


Jennie is a graduate of the 4-year Classical Homeopathy training program at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minneapolis, MN, and is now a classroom teacher and clinic supervisor at NAH. She is also an Integrative Provider with Pregnancy and Postpartum Support MN, and has a special interest in clients with postpartum mood disorders. Additionally, Jennie holds the CCH credential (Certified Classical Homeopath) through the Council for Homeopathic Certification, a national organization.

Jennie is pleased to offer services to individuals and families suffering from acute or chronic ailments. To Jennie, there is nothing as rewarding as seeing a client find freedom and happiness through homeopathy. It really works!

Homeopathy 101

Developed over 200 years ago by a German Physician, Homeopathy has stood the test of time as one of the world's most effective healing modalities. Using minute doses of plant, animal or mineral substances, Homeopathic remedies stimulate a healing response in an individual's system to bring gentle and rapid relief to physical, emotional and mental symptoms.

A homeopath views an individual as a totality, and understands that seemingly unrelated symptoms from multiple body systems are in fact, related. Symptoms are viewed as an expression of an underlying imbalance, and it is the Homeopath's job to understand the nature of this imbalance and match it with a remedy that will bring relief.

Homeopathic remedies do not cause side effects or interfere with medications, and they are safe for newborns and during pregnancy.

Homeopaths do not diagnose illness or treat diseases.

Jennie Hoglund - CCH


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