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Work with me

Ready to move mountains?

Now accepting clients into my BRAND NEW three-month intensive program, Sovereign Mom!

With my specialized combination of Homeopathy + mindset coaching, I have seen women heal generational trauma patterns for good. In three months, we accomplish and rewire what used to take 10 years of therapy. The world has changed so much in the past few years that it's no longer enough for most of us to be bystanders in our healing process. We have to become a conscious participant!

My signature approach is unlike anything you've ever experienced. We get to the heart of the problem in the first session and start shifting it right away. This combination of Homeopathy + Coaching is absolute MAGIC, and will help you collapse time in your healing journey. That means getting results


More about Sovereign Mom:

Sovereign Mom is SOLD OUT - check back soon for more openings!

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My one-of-a-kind intensive approach is a 90-day accelerated program combining homeopathic care, deep repatterning work, and mindset coaching. This process unlocks places you're most stuck in generational trauma, allowing you to finally begin to heal deeply and permanently, in a way that serves your entire family line.

I have very specialized training in homeopathy that allows me to utilize remedies to DIRECTLY address ancestral trauma patterns that are affecting EVERY area of your life - family, health, relationships, work and business - we can address any and all of these areas in our work together!

What you get: 

  • Homeopathic intake appointment

  • Two repatterning calls per month

  • Email support

  • Journal and healing work guide download

  • Access to all of my mindset and coaching programs

$2750 PIF or $999 monthly for three months

Sovereign Mom is for you if:


  • Your life SHOULD be great, but you can't stop stressing and enjoy it

  • You worry and obsess about yourself or your kids

  • Your stress seems OUT OF PROPORTION to your life

  • You desire FREEDOM and JOY above all else

  • You want to start HEALING the stuck patterns that aren't serving you and your family

  • You want to EXIT conventional and functional medicine for good, and actually get to the energetic root of your issues


Working with me is not a miracle or overnight cure. It's a process that requires your PRESENCE AND INVESTMENT.  If you're ready, let's go!

What women are saying about working with me:


Let's do this!

  • I feel 90% better overall. My mood is SO much better and I'm just not worried like I was." - Myrah K.

  • "My anxiety is gone." - Kirsten P.

  • "I have time and space to respond instead of just getting stressed out." - Amanda C.

  • "I am having fun with my kids now, when before I would just worry and project into the future." -Phyllis C.

  • "I'm noticing patterns and making the choice to shift them!" -Erika S.

  • "In six weeks, I've experienced profound healing from a chronic issue of 10 years!" -Maggie P.

  • "My chronic headaches and digestive issues are 50% better." -Katya K.

  • "My confidence is 95% better and anxiety is not noticeable anymore!" -Michelle C.

  • "I am blown away by homeopathy and your coaching. I am finally enjoying life again. THANK YOU!" - Carrie D.

This is your moment. You could spend another 10k on functional or conventional medicine, and end up in the same spot you're in now, or you can MOVE. I'm here to meet you when you're ready, because you are the ONE that is going to heal this.

Work with my Team 

Kathy Yeo,CCH
Advanced Practitioner

Kathy is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of homeopathic medicine and has been involved in this practice since 2010. As a graduate of the 4-year Classical Homeopathy training program at the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy (NAH), she is continually excited and inspired by the work in this field. She holds the Certified Classical Homeopath credential through the Council for Homeopathic Certification which is a national organization, and serves as both clinical and didactic instructor at NAH. Kathy loves empowering patients to understand their bodies and discover the gentle power of homeopathy.  It is her life’s passion to help people discover the freedom that Homeopathy can bring - in whatever expression or experience of life you are in.

Homeopathic Intake Appointment 
$495 - 1.5 hours
Child Intake Appointment (Under 12)
$425 - 1 hour
Follow Up Appointment
$100 - 45 minutes
Acute Care
$125 - 30 minutes
Work with Misty

Intern Misty Texeira

Homeopathic Care supervised by Jennie Hoglund

Misty is a third-year classical homeopathy student at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy and holistic esthetician. She came to homeopathy through seeking support on her own health journey. The healing experienced with this modality was so profound it sparked a passion within her to become a classical homeopath herself and support others with their health challenges. She especially enjoys working with clients through transitional phases of their life. Health is so much more than the absence of disease! As a holistic esthetician she utilizes homeopathic principles within her treatments and products.

Misty wearing a striped shirt next to a plant
Intro Call with Misty 
No cost - 20 minutes
Homeopathic Intake Appointment 
Supervised by Jennie Hoglund
$380 - 2 hours
Child Intake Appointment (Under 12)
Supervised by Jennie Hoglund
$320 - 2 hours
Follow Up Appointment
Supervised by Jennie Hoglund
$80 - 1 hours

Cailee Anello

Homeopathic Care supervised by Jennie Hoglund

Cailee Anello is a Classical Homeopath and Functional Nutritionist with a B.A. in psychology and additional training in German New Medicine and subconscious work. Having spent the last decade immersed in the natural healing world healing herself from multiple chronic illnesses, she has learned firsthand how powerful homeopathy is for mind and body healing. Her expertise lies in being an unprejudiced observer and guide for those who have become fearful and disconnected from their bodies. The tools she uses in her practice all serve to bring awareness to unhelpful unconscious patterns and activate the body’s innate healing response. Her ultimate goal is to help people restore vitality, flow, and ease so that they can fully live the beautiful life they were gifted with.

Intro Call with Cailee
No cost - 15 minutes
Homeopathic Intake Appointment 
Supervised by Jennie Hoglund
$425 - 90 minutes
Follow Up Appointment
Supervised by Jennie Hoglund
$100 - 45 minutes


Jennie Hoglund and team and Hoglund Homeopathy, LLC encourage clients to continue to visit and to be treated by his/her healthcare professionals, including, without limitation, a physician. Understand that Jennie Hoglund and team are not acting in the capacity of a doctor, licensed dietician, nutritionist, psychologist or other licensed professional. Accordingly, you understand that Jennie Hoglund and team are not providing health care, medical or nutrition therapy services and will not diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body. 

Jennie Hoglund and team and Hoglund Homeopathy, LLC cannot and do not give any guarantees on results or improvements in mental, emotional or physical health with our information, courses, programs. masterminds, coaching, plans, tools, or strategies. 

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