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64-piece remedy and cell salt kit with info guide - includes three hard to find remedies: Streptococcinum, X-ray, and Chlorum!

Ships by July 15, 2024. $325 includes shipping // Designed by Jennie Hoglund and Kendra Needham, this kit contains all of the most-indicated remedies we've seen needed by our clients! Quick reference guide and dosing info included. Kit comes in a hard plastic case with one dram vials with 85 pellets of each of the following remedies (about 45 doses per vial): Aconite 30c, Aconite 200c, Allium Cepa 30c, Antimonium Tart 30c, Apis 30c, Arnica 30c, Arnica 200c, Arsenicum 30c, Belladonna 30c, Belladonna 200c, Bryonia 30c, Bryonia 200c, Calendula 30c, Caustisum 30c, Chamomilla 30c, Chamomilla 200c, Chlorum 30c, Cinchona Off (China) 30c, Cocculus 30c, Colocynthis 30c, Drosera 30c, Eupatorium Perf 30c, Ferrum Phos 30c, Gelsemium 30c, Gelsemium 200c, Hepar Sulph 30c, Hepar Sulph 200c, Hypericum 30c, Hypericum 200c, Ipecac 30c, Kali Bichromicum 30c, Kali Carbonicum 30c, Lachesis 30c, Ledum 30c, Mercurius 30c, Nux Vomica 30c, Phosphorus 30c, Plytolacca 30c, Podophyllum 30c, Pulsatilla 30c, Pulsatilla 200c, Rhus Tox 30c, Sepia 30c, Silica 30c, Spongia Tosta 30c, Streptococcinum 30c, Sulphur 30c, Symphytum 30c, Veratrum 30c and x-ray 30c.

Cell Salts: Calc Fluor, Calc phos, Calc sulph, Ferrum phos, Kali phos, Kali mur, Kali sulph, Mag phos, Nat mur, Nat phos, Nat sulph, Silicea, and 12-in-1 combo.

16-piece labor and birth kit

$140 includes shipping // Kit comes in a cardboard box, includes 1 dram size vials with #35 pellets of each of the following remedies and an informational sheet on how to use each one (about 40 doses per vial): Aconite 200c, Arnica 1M, Bellis Perennis 200c, Carbo Vegetablis 200c, Caulophyllum 200c, Chamomilla 200c, Cimicifuga 200c, Gelsemium 200c, Hypericum 200c, Kali Carbonicum 200c, Kali Phos 200c, Oreodaphne 200c, Phosphorus 200c, Pulsatilla 200c, Phytolacca Dec 200c, Sabina 200c, Secale Cor 200c, Sepia 200c, and Staphysagria 200c, Viburnum 200c

Homeopathy 101

Homeopathic remedies do not treat disease. Homeopaths are not medical doctors, and we don't treat or diagnose disease. Homeopathic care is based on traditional use of remedies. Not FDA approved or evaluated.

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